Tyler Rameson reduces LCG shareholding to 3.7%

Newly revitalized British electronic trading firm London Capital Group Holdings plc (LON:LCG) is continuing to attract the attention of top international talent, and a few months have now passed since Tyler Rameson, a trustee and member of the senior management of Californian quantitative proprietary trading and security brokerage firm Gray Whale Capital LLC took a 5.7% stake in the firm.

Today it was reported via a filing with the London Stock Exchange, the trading venue on which London Capital Group’s stock is publicly listed, that Mr. Rameson has reduced his stake in the firm to 3.7%.

Following his sale of shares, Mr, Rameson now holds shares in London Capital Group, representing a 3.7% interest in the company. Prior to this transaction, Mr. Rameson held 3,643,116 shares

The recent sale of shares by Mr. Rameson follows a previous sale earlier this month, which took his shareholding down to 4.9%,

Mr. Rameson joined London Capital Group’s fundraising exercise led by Charles-Henri Sabet in October last year, in which he participated alongside Mr. Sabet and Hargreave Hale in raising £17,500,000, through the issue of convertible loan notes to GLIO and institutional investors.

At that time, Mr. Rameson (registered in the name of JIM Nominees Limited) was responsible  for £1,000,000 convertible loan notes, following which ordinary shares of £0.10 each in the capital of the company were issued in proportion to the number of convertible loan notes which were subscribed for by the institutional investors, each at a price of 45 pence per share.

Mr. Rameson’s sale of shares is testimony to the remarkable turnaround in corporate fortune that has been brought about by Charles-Henri Sabet’s leadership, as share prices in the firm have increased to 26 pence per share, a significant increase compared to prior to Mr. Rameson’s investment.


For the official report from the London Stock Exchange, click here.

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