TMX Group welcomes JA alumni to innovation challenge

A Central Ontario and TMX Group Limited (TSX:X) has announced that will today launch the JA Alumni TMX Innovation Challenge, two-night event for students who have completed the 18-week entrepreneurial JA Company Program. Participants will be challenged to address evolving issues facing TMX Group and the broader capital markets industry in three areas:

  • big data,
  • social media and
  • technology.

Held at the eXplore TMX Innovation Lab, a design and development space, 25 JA alumni will join a cross-functional team of data scientists, digital media experts and TMX mentors to create a business plan and digital strategy with the potential to generate $1 million within three years.

This collaborative event is the first project the eXplore Lab has undertaken with university-level students, and will serve as a springboard to future events with creative, diverse and high-achieving millennials.

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