SWIFT: Chinese yuan gains share as world payments currency in Nov’15

The Chinese yuan has gained share as international payments currency in November 2015, according to the latest SWIFT RMB Tracker.

The data shows that the Chinese currency accounted for 2.28% of global payments in November 2015, up from a share of 1.92% in October 2015. The yuan, however, still lagged behind the Japanese yen (2.68% of the payments) in the ranking of international payment currencies and retained its #5 position.

The top three in the international payments currencies are: USD (42.68%), EUR (29.50%) and GBP (8.88%).

The highest position the RMB has ever achieved in the ranking was #4. In August 2015, the Chinese currency overtook the Japanese yen and made it to the top four. Back then, the RMB accounted for 2.79% of the international payments. Just a month later, the SWIFT report showed that the Chinese currency retreated back to #5.


You can download the latest SWIFT RMB Tracker (as slides) by clicking here.

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