SIX Swiss Exchange welcomes First Trust as a new ETF issuer

First Trust accesses the Swiss market as ETF issuer with two new ETFs for which Susquehanna is providing the liquidity, SIX Swiss Exchange just announced. With this, SIX Swiss Exchange offers 1’215 ETFs for trading that have been listed by 24 issuers.

The two smart beta ETFs newly tradable as of today provide investors additional opportunities to diversify their portfolio with European and even Swiss underlyings.

First Trust was established in 1991. It distributes a range of First Trust U.S. registered ETFs and Irish domiciled UCITS funds.

The First Trust AlphaDEX exchange-traded funds are designed to track the performance of a group of indices that employ the rules-based AlphaDEX fundamental stock selection methodology. The AlphaDEX methodology is designed to use fundamental valuation factors to select and weight stocks based on their investment merit. It applies an investment process that seeks to produce similar correlation and risk characteristics as broad market indices while seeking outperformance due to stock selection and weighting.

Eric Anderson, Senior Vice President for Europe at First Trust Advisors said:

We are very excited to bring our 1st listing to Switzerland. SIX Swiss Exchange is one of the most important trading venues in Europe, and is a critical exchange for providing access to ETFs both inside and outside of Switzerland. We are also excited to be bringing this listing which offer investors fundamentally weighted exposure to critical markets such as Switzerland.

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