New York poised to become Bitcoin center as Coinsetter goes live

Coinsetter has today announced that its New York-based Bitcoin exchange has gone live, having completed its development period during which a beta version was available.

Coinsetter’s CEO Jaron Lukasiewicz concurred that the Bitcoin space has matured rapidly over the past two years of our company’s history, and the platform the exchange offers has grown along with it.

“We can today announce that Coinsetter is no longer just a trading platform, but is now a full bitcoin exchange. Our high performance exchange has been professionally tested to execute bitcoin trades in as low as 40 milliseconds. Most importantly, Coinsetter’s expanded functionality as a full-featured exchange gives our users access to a variety of account funding options via bank transfers and highly secure bitcoin transfers” stated Mr. Lukasiewicz.

“To celebrate the launch, we have also reduced our trade fees to industry-leading levels. The commission we charge on trades now extends as low as 0.10% for our most active users” concluded Mr. Lukasiewicz.

That Coinsetter’s Bitcoin exchange has opened for business in New York today is most certainly a timely occasion, as the State of New York’s financial regulator recently announced that it was in the process of issuing a regulatory license, under the designation BitLicense.

The new set of rules covers comprehensive aspects that Bitcoin vendors and participants must adhere to, including strict demands on license holders to report any occurrences of fraud or anything that could be deemed illicit activity within 24 hours, thus further paving a clear way ahead for Coinsetter, along with other Bitcoin related innovators which may establish their businesses in New York.

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