Hotspot sees daily FX volumes fall 6.6% MoM in November 2015

December is already here and this means that it is time to take a look at the operating metrics of major Forex companies for November 2015.

Hotspot, one of the leaders in institutional Forex, has already published the data for last month’s trading volumes, with the results showing rather weak activity. In fact, the average daily volumes were even lower than in October 2015, which was the slowest month for Forex trading at Hotspot since December 2012.

Let’s examine the numbers for November 2015:

  • Average daily volumes in November 2015 amounted to $22.38 billion, down 6.6% from the result recorded in October 2015.
  • The drop was even more pronounced in annual terms, as the result for November 2015 was down 31.8% from the $32.79 billion in ADV registered in November 2014.
  • Overall trading volumes for November 2015 amounted to approximately $469.9 billion, down 10.8% from the result registered in October 2015.


You can find detailed data about Hotspot volumes by visiting this designated page.

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