GMO Click January volumes top $1.2 trillion, an all time record for a retail forex broker

Japanese FX stalwart GMO Click Securities has trumped its previous record for monthly retail FX trading volumes, recording $1.2 trillion in January 2015.

This stratospheric figure surpasses not only the several times that GMO Click’s monthly volumes have ventured across the $1 trillion mark, but sets a new record for monthly volumes for any retail FX brokerage worldwide.

GMO Click’s success caught the attention of many industry participants in summer 2013 when the firm began to generate astronomical monthly volume figures, sustaining a period of over several months with trading volumes of over $1 trillion, a level which was revisited again as 2014 drew to a close with its best ever performance in December.

January’s $1.2 trillion trounces last month’s record by 15.3%, a testimony to Japan’s domestic market strength and continuing dominance of the retail sector, with the vast majority of Japanese firms having an entirely Japanese client base which accounts collectively for between 30% and 40% of all global retail FX order flow.

GMO Click Securities recently purchased one of only three single letter domain names that exist worldwide, having paid $6.8 million for which was previously owned by Nissan Motor Company whose ‘Z’ sports car range took North America by storm in the 1970s.


 Chart: GMO Click FX volumes since the beginning of 2013

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