FxPro SuperTrader limiting FX trading risks through automation

The company is stress testing each strategy through Monte Carlo Simulations to verify potential profitability

We have already reported on FxPro’s copy trading platform SuperTrader performance since the company has started releasing monthly data compiling useful metrics into a detailed infographic. In a recent interview with Investors Chronicle, FxPro’s head of PR Angus Campbell has outlined the company’s new product and presents it as a useful diversification tool for investors. The aim of the company is to provide a sound and rather widely accessible platform for traders to limit their risk exposure.

According to Mr Campbell the performance of systematic FX traders is usually better than those who rely on a discretionary decision making process. The systems that FxPro SuperTrader is offering to their clients is rigorously back tested using a statistical method called a Monte Carlo Simulation. Since past performance is not indicative of future returns those results are not guaranteed, however the company has limited number of strategies that are proving to work rather well for now.

The integration of FxPro’s SuperTrader has resulted in a number of applications from automated trading systems designers around the world, however only a few have managed to be verified by the company’s team and as you already know if you read our previous monthly performance reviews FxPro’s own internally developed automated strategies have occupied 4 of top 5 spots.

So far the company seems to do a great job with its strategies and we will keep a close look to see how those results evolve over time. FxPro’s Risky Superpower has topped the list in January returning an impressive gain of 22% since October 2013. Stay tuned to LeapRate every month for FxPro’s SuperTrader review articles revealing a detailed snapshot of performance metrics.

Following is a link to Investor Chronicle’s website where you can see the full interview with FxPro’s head of PR Angus Campbell.

Click the following link if you would like to get an idea about how trading strategies are verified before they go live amongst FxPro SuperTrader’s leaders.

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