Forget Pokemon GO! Swissquote GO announces open season on shares

Swissquote Bank Ltd has launched Swissquote GO – a location-based game inspired by Pokemon GO, offering the chance to win SMI shares by visiting sites where they are hidden.

The game draws on the popularity of Swissquote’s mobile app to reach a large number of users, with traders increasingly using apps on daily basis. It aims to reward existing customers for their loyalty as well as to win new ones by taking an original and unexpected approach.

The principle is simple. The shares are divided into groups of prizes and distributed between 20 Swiss landmarks. A map is sent to players to guide them. When they approach the edge of the areas where a prize is hidden, they just need to collect them to add them to their portfolio. If the player is already a bank customer, they can open an account to recover the shares they have won.

Each player can only play once, meaning they can only win one prize for a maximum amount of CHF 480 per person. A total of CHF 10,000 will be distributed in shares for existing customers. No budget limit has been set for new customers, only a time limit.


Marc Bürki, Swissquote CEO, commented:

Our marketing must be like our bank – offbeat, innovative and visionary. By harnessing a trend like Pokemon GO, we are seizing an opportunity to reach out to our customers directly via their mobiles”.

Paolo Buzzi, Swissquote CTO, added:

We called on our dedicated digital teams for Swissquote GO. The challenge was to develop a simple-to-use game in a very short space of time. Having the skills internally is a key advantage in order to be responsive and rapidly adapt to technological changes”.

The game is available on Swissquote’s Trading app, which iPhone and iPad users can download free from the App Store. Existing users simply need to update to version 6.1 to play.

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