Forex: Euro suffering Paris hangover, drifting lower Tuesday

A good portion of the investing world will continue to follow the fallout from Friday’s ISIS terrorist attacks in Paris for the coming days and weeks, especially if EU governments ramp up their commitments to a real ground war on ISIS. That, of course, remains to be seen.

But in the near term, the financial markets seem to have had a fairly muted response to Friday’s events. Save for the Euro.

After shedding nearly 1% versus the US Dollar on Monday to fall just below 1.07, the EURUSD continued its slide on Tuesday, trading in the 1.065 level as at 07:30 GMT.

The sudden jolt of volatility to the currency markets is providing a brief boost to currency trading volumes, a very welcome change after somewhat of a lackluster October and beginning of November for most FX brokers.

Is EURUSD parity far away?

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