Finance research marketplace Airex launches affiliate program

Airex, Inc. announced today the launch of the revolutionary, new Airex Market Partner (AMP) Program with six partners including, Informed Technical Investor, Marco Polo New World, and Securities Finance Monitor. The AMP Program is a global service that gives companies their own turnkey, custom, curated, and co-branded AIREX Market, so they can offer their customers, clients, website traffic, and employees a huge array of financially actionable applications, information, and reports (Financial AIR™). Airex aims to be a financial application market research superstore for financial analysis and investment decisions.

The AIREX Market is the cloud-based marketplace that launched earlier this year, which already offers nearly one million unbundled, individually purchasable products from a rapidly growing array of leading sellers such as Standard & Poor’s, FactSet Research Systems, Morningstar, Mercer, and Nasdaq. Millions more products are expected in the coming months from hundreds of other vendors globally. All of these vendors and products will be available to every partner in the AMP Program, each of which can select the vendors and products they want on their own AIREX Market.

The six firms participating in the AMP Program launch represent hundreds of thousands of investors. Airex expects to sign dozens more AMP Partners in the coming months, giving AIREX Markets a ubiquitous presence across a wide variety of financial companies, including prime brokers, investment and commercial banks, brokerage firms, fintech companies, exchanges, wealth management platforms, fund administrators, consultancies, and many more.

“With the largest global footprint, Marco Polo New World enables hundreds of brokers and institutions to trade in virtually any market throughout the world via a single connection,” said Marco Polo New World CEO Christian Robertson. “The AMP Program allows us to offer these firms instant search, discovery, purchase, and consumption of various products and services from a single place in a way that was never before possible. Marco Polo is continually looking for cutting edge products like AIREX Market to enhance our unique offering in the marketplace and deepen our relationships with clients.”

Marco Polo New World has been the premier player in emerging and frontier markets since 2000 with a global electronic trading platform providing connections to over 80 countries and more than 100 markets.

AIREX Markets are provided at no cost to partners in the AMP Program. In fact, the AMP Program is a profit center for partners, since they receive a revenue share of products sold in their marketplaces.

“The AMP Program is the next generation of the groundbreaking business model that we launched with the rollout of the AIREX Market earlier this year,” said Airex, Inc. Chairman and CEO Stephen Kuhn. “The AIREX Market democratizes access to financial research for sellers and investors. By eliminating fixed transaction costs, Airex is liberating market access to everyone globally and making it cost-effective to sell and buy any product at any price for any length of time.”

“Large, expensive bundles of products are no longer necessary to support an expensive sales force,” Kuhn added. “Now we have taken this disruptive model a step further, enabling nearly any firm globally — large or small, in almost any business sector — to offer financial applications, information, and reports to their customers. This gives every company a chance to increase customer engagement, retention, revenues, and profits.”

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