Estonian Armada Markets becomes liquidity provider, transfers retail business to Seychelles entity

The redesign of corporate websites by FX companies are certainly taking shape, in congruence with LeapRate’s predictions for this year in that FX brokerages and associated businesses would modernize their sites, moving away from overbearing data and long lists of offers and options, with designs featuring large lettering, a striking and modern background, and large, simplified text which provides the most important information only.

In the case of Estonian FX company Armada Markets, however, the redesign of its corporate website along these lines represents a small part of a change of business direction for the firm, which has announced that with effect from the beginning of this year, it will focus mainly on providing liquidity and services to banks, brokers and hedge funds.

The company’s retail business will henceforth be handled by FSA (Seychelles) authorized and regulated company Tickmill Ltd, which offers FX trading services to both individual and corporate clients.

In October 2014, a month in which the company achieved $23.3billion in trading volume, LeapRate reported that Armada Markets had submitted a complete application for a European Union MiFID licence in order to to broaden the scope of it’s services upon approval, clearly as a move toward the provision of liquidity to brokers rather than the provision of retail FX to direct customers.

The company’s modern website echoes the current trend for large corporate branding and a simplified user interface, with form taking precedence over function which sets it visually among the current crop of FX companies whose initial interface with clients is keeping pace with technological change.

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