Bitcoin can now be traded against the Euro as Kraken launches leveraged margin trading

San Francisco based Bitcoin exchange Kraken has today announced the launch of margin-trading, allowing clients to amplify their trading profits and gain in both up and down markets.

Margin trading is available for clients who have verified their accounts to Tier 3 or Tier 4, and for the Bitcoin-Euro currency pair (XBT/EUR). Clients can also margin trade the XBT/EUR pair using their USD balance.

At launch, Kraken is offering up to 3x leverage, meaning that a margined position can gain 3x more than the underlying move in bitcoin price. A 4% gain in bitcoin price means a 12% gain in a 3x long position.

Traders can also leverage their profit when the market drops. A 4% drop in bitcoin price means a 12% gain in a 3x short position.

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