Android co-founder Rich Miner is leaving GV to start an education project with Google

Rich Miner has announced that he is leaving GV (formerly known as Google Ventures) to helm a Google education project.

GV has not commented whether this project would be for-profit or not.

Miner, who has also not given any details on the project yet, has shared in the past that it was too hard to find “quality educational apps…” and all other kid-focused services on the Internet “that aren’t primarily either Babysitters or ad delivery devices.”

Unlike Alphabet, which apparently doesn’t make its living concentrating on education-related sales data, Google obviously finds this area a huge market.

The company’s own site (Google for Education) claims 50 million users of Google Apps for education to-date and manages 280 Google Educator Groups around the globe, to help local educators connect and learn from each other.

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