Alpari (also) has a strong February

Alpari Group worldwide volumes exceeded $230 billion in February, a new record for the company.

Global FX broker Alpari has joined a list of FX brokers and ECNs reporting strong or even record results of late. Alpari reported that its FX trading volumes for February exceeded $230 billion — a record month for the company. that followed a very strong January for Alpari, at $210 billion. Alpari does about half of its volumes in Russia, and half elsewhere worldwide.

Alpari has undergone some changes of late, which seem to be bearing fruit. The Group used to consist of four distinct fiefdoms — Russia, London, USA, and Cyprus (as well as a “stealth” brand ForexTime for other regions and for testing new products and campaigns) — which didn’t always mesh well together or get along, especially when it came to deciding which entity could or should go after new markets, such as the rapidly growing Arab Forex market, or the Far East.

With the move of Alpari USA head Daniel Skowronski to the UK as CEO of the London-based operation, and the splitoff of Alpari FS Cyprus with Alpari co-founder Andrey Dashin along with the ForexTime brand, Alpari seems to be much leaner and focused, with Alpari Russia doing well growing the Russian-language brand, and Skowronski and his team in London covering Europe and essentially the rest of the world.

For the complete Alpari press release click here.

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