Brokeree Solutions introduces customizable packages for MetaTrader brokers

brokeree mt4 mt5 solutions

Estonia based Brokeree Solutions, which provides high-grade technology solutions for brokers, has announced that it has introduced customizable packages for MetaTrader 4 and 5 forex brokers.

MetaTrader brokers who plan a bulk procurement of cutting-edge technology and want to stay on track with current tech trends can now purchase solution packages from Brokeree Solutions and gain a technological competitive advantage. A total of 4 packages are now available for brokerage companies:

  1. The Elite Automation package allows brokers to cut down expenses and increase profits by automating marketing and internal operations.
  2. The Premium Liquidity package is most suitable for brokerages that want to get access to top-tier liquidity, expand their offering with STP trading, and offset risk.
  3. The First-Class Money Management package allows medium brokerages to expand their offering by providing money management services, such as PAMM or Social Trading.
  4. The All Inclusive package gives medium and large brokerages a selection of advanced tech solutions for business development with top-tier support by industry experts from Brokeree Solutions.

Brokeree Web Packages

The actual range of products that go into the packages can be chosen by brokers, ensuring that only the most relevant tools are acquired. Brokers can select any of Brokeree Solutions’ most popular products, including MT4/MT5 PAMM, MT4/MT5 Liquidity Bridge, MT4/MT5 Social Trading, Bonus Manager and much more.

Each package comes with additional development and consultation hours, making the offer so much more appealing, ensuring that the selected range of products fit brokers’ workflow perfectly. Established brokers may use the additional development hours to kick-start plans of designing their own custom tools and plugins.

Brokeree Solutions are industry experts in the field of MetaTrader 4 and 5 solution development and platform servicing. The company offers a wide range of products, varying from sophisticated solutions for liquidity aggregation and money management to smaller, yet not less advanced plugins and applications for forex brokers. Brokeree Solutions actively develop new products and expand their portfolio of MetaTrader plugins. The most recent additions to their portfolio include:

  • MT5 Synthetic Symbols that allows to create and hedge new tradable symbols based on current ones;
  • MT4 Symbol Schedule that lets brokers configure their trading sessions with 1-sec precision.

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