Tradefora add stock indices to their offering

Tradefora PLC, a software company with focus on Best Execution, have announced that they have added some of the most popular stock indices to their benchmark reference price index for OTC markets.

Newly added instruments cover 12 major stock indices for Asia, EU and the US markets and now expanded the total list to 150+. Starting December 1st, 2019 all the retail users of Tradefora platform will be able to check and verify the live and historic pricing, average spreads and run swaps comparison analysis for top 12 stock indices.

Major 12 stock indices supported by Tradefora Composite Index

It’s not a secret to anyone that finding good liquidity for stock index CFDs can be a very challenging process and it’s a sore point for many brokers. Therefore, expanding the coverage of Tradefora Composite Index onto stock indices is a result of multiple request that we received from our retail and broker clients. As these instruments are growing in popularity, more and more traders would like to have a reference feed for price and execution verification. We are happy that it is now possible with Tradefora”, stated Pavel Khizhnyak, Co-Founder/CEO of Tradefora PLC.

Pavel Khizhnyak further added: portal offers all its users an easy way to compare any of the supported 150+ instruments across multiple brokers for quotes, spreads and swaps in near real-time and on historic price charts completely free of charge. We already being used by many clients, brokers and 3rd party dispute resolution organizations to determine the market range of true market price.

Tradefora Composite Index is used as OTC market reference price

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