Singapore Exchange Forex futures volume for August rises 5% MoM

Singapore Exchange (SGX) Asia’s most international, multi-asset exchange today reported market statistics for August 2017. Total FX futures volume moved up 5% from the previous month to 800,350 contracts and up 75% from August 2016.

The solid figures from SGX’s FX segment attest to the slightly higher trend across the Forex trading industry for August with lots of North Korea headline risk during the month causing some volatility. For SGX this was especially evident in USD/CNH futures, which were up 20% MoM and 287% YoY.

SGX benefited from geopolitical tensions across Asia-Pacific and the Korean Peninsula. However, most other FX trading pairs remain locked in tight ranges awaiting new catalysts.

Further strength in the SGX derivatives segment for August 2017 showed Nikkei 225 Index Futures volume up 30% MoM and 21% YoY. Commodities also showed very strong from the previous month and year.

Full results from the exchange are as follows:


  • Total Securities market turnover value was S$25.9 billion, up 2% MoM and up 26% YoY, over 22 trading days. There were 21 trading days in July 2017 and 22 in August 2016.
  • Securities daily average value (SDAV) was S$1.2 billion, down 3% MoM and up 26% YoY.
  • Market turnover value of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) was S$221 million, down 15% MoM and up 7% YoY.
  • Market turnover value of structured warrants was S$1.7 billion, up 22% MoM and up 101% YoY.
  • There were 109 new bond listings, raising S$41.4 billion.
  • Total market capitalization value of 753 listed companies stood at S$1.0 trillion as at end-August 2017.


  • Total Derivatives volume was 15.9 million, up 12% MoM and up 15% YoY.
  • Equity Index Futures volume was 12.3 million, up 9% MoM and up 6% YoY.
  • FTSE China A50 Index Futures remained the most active contract with a volume of 6.1 million, up 10% MoM and up 2% YoY.
  • SGX Nifty 50 Index Futures volume was 1.8 million, down 2% MoM and down 1% YoY.
  • Nikkei 225 Index Futures volume was 1.8 million, up 30% MoM and up 21% YoY
  • MSCI Taiwan Index Futures volume was 1.6 million, up 10% MoM and down 3% YoY.
  • MSCI Singapore Index Futures volume was 832,042, down 8% MoM and up 35% YoY.
  • MSCI India Index Futures volume was 1,484, down 77% MoM and down 91% YoY.
  • Total FX Futures volume was 800,350, up 5% MoM and up 75% YoY.
  • SGX INR/USD Futures volume was 604,857, up 1% MoM and up 51% YoY.
  • SGX USD/CNH Futures volume was 181,120, up 20% MoM and up 287% YoY.
  • Value of cleared OTC SGD Interest Rate Swaps was S$12.6 billion, down 34% MoM and down 36% YoY.


  • SGX Commodity Derivatives volume was 1.9 million, up 27% MoM and up 60% YoY.
  • Iron Ore Derivatives volume was 1.7 million, up 28% MoM and up 60% YoY.
    Forward Freight Derivatives volume was 41,942, up 30% MoM and up 42% YoY.
  • The volume of SICOM Rubber Futures, the world’s price benchmark for physical rubber, was 153,265, up 14% MoM and up 57% YoY.

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Singapore Exchange Forex futures volume for August rises 5% MoM


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