Dow Jones Media Group launches Moneyish website

Dow Jones Media Group (DJMG ) announced the launch of Moneyish, a new lifestyle website that redefines finance-driven storytelling.

Where sites like Vice Money, which launched in October, or Coinage, Time Inc.’s video-focused brand that bowed in February, or Mic Money, which went live last July (before turning into The Payoff), are focused on unpacking the day’s economic news, or telling people where to park their cash, Moneyish is more about the conversations and feelings that surround money.

Whether Moneyish, which launches Monday afternoon, is running the same race as those other sites or not, the site is a carefully executed bet that DJMG can stand up a whole new editorial brand, separate from its established audiences, while still leaning on DJMG resources and partners to get there quickly.

We think it’s worth the investment of time and resources. We were trying to expand,” said Dan Shar, gm of MarketWatch and Moneyish.

Moneyish grew out of an experiment. MarketWatch, Dow Jones’ Wall St.-focused brand, has long had a personal finance section, as well as a recurring column, Moneyologist, focused on the etiquette of money. But its personal finance team would often peg its work to the day’s or week’s news, and at Shar’s direction, the site began experimenting with pieces that were a little more irreverent, a little more expressly aimed at its social media audience, and a bit further removed from MarketWatch’s core voice.

And so the wheels began turning, and on Monday, Moneyish launched as a finished product that looks and feel very different from MarketWatch, as well as the rest of the DJMG portfolio. It has a mobile-focused design, and plans not just for video but also for comics and illustrations.

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