South Africa online stockbroker launches MetaTrader 5

Forex trading platform developer MetaQuotes just announced that South Africa’s online stockbroker has replaced its ageing legacy trading platforms with MetaTrader 5. launched the first version of their own platform back in 2001. The company was the lowest cost online retail broker for traders and the pioneer of CFD trading in the region, allowing South African traders the ability to trade international markets in local currency. However, over the years the company realized that the legacy trading platform started falling behind the times:

Bradley Leather, Chief of Trading

We struggled to keep up with the features and benefits offered by other trading platforms and as such clients looked further afield for brokers with a more sophisticated system,” says chief of trading, Bradley Leather. “Our old platform simply didn’t offer enough. Switching to MetaTrader 5 will now allow us to compete on a level playing field.

Leather says will benefit greatly from the platform’s seamless integration, rich functionality and mobile capabilities.

Previously, we had different platforms for CFD and spread trading, as well as different portals for client service, admin and technical support. MetaTrader 5 combines all of these platforms and portals into one. Our old platforms were easy to use, but they were very limited in functionality. They were good for traders who simply wanted to buy and sell, or look at charts, but they didn’t appeal to traders who wanted to plug in algorithmic strategies. Now, MetaTrader 5 is able to satisfy all categories of traders.

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South Africa online stockbroker launches MetaTrader 5

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