Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG resolves remuneration cap for Executive Board members

Deutsche Börse AG announces significant growth in Q3/2018

As Deutsche Börse AG continues to develop its Executive Board remuneration system, it is among other things introducing an upper limit (cap) for total remuneration. This was decided today by the Deutsche Börse AG Supervisory Board at its ordinary meeting.

The central point of the changes is that the annual remuneration of the Executive Board, consisting of fixed and variable compensation components as well as pensions, shall be limited to EUR 9.5 million. This cap is to already become effective for the Executive Board remuneration 2017.

The revision has been a long time in preparation. The Supervisory Board began working intensively on the further development of the Executive Board remuneration system immediately after the last Annual General Meeting. The adjustments were developed following intensive discussions, and with the involvement of external remuneration experts on the Supervisory Board and on the Board’s Personnel Committee. The revised Executive Board remuneration system is consistent with accepted standard market practice and meets the requirements of key stakeholders.

In the interest of our shareholders, we want to continue to offer the Deutsche Börse AG Executive Board competitive incentives for good performance and sustained business success, while at the same time preventing possible and unwanted extremes. This is achieved with the cap in the adjusted remuneration model,” said Joachim Faber, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG.

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Supervisory Board of Deutsche Börse AG resolves remuneration cap for Executive Board members


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