New infographic shows 36,000% growth of Ripple

Ripple have just released a new infographic, revealing 36,000% growth of ripple.

The payment network and the payment protocol behind it announced several banking partnerships in 2017, helping to push the price to a high of $3.84.

The company is set to revolutionise payment systems across the financial sector. Ripple has overcome brand changes and a large fine from the US government to temporarily overtake Ethereum as the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The company owns 61.3% of the 100 billion XRP coins that are in circulation, which gave it its largest market capitalisation on January 5th of $235.4 billion. Ripple co-founder, Chris Larsen, was then worth more on paper than Google co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

The San Francisco-based start-up adds that the XRP coin has a four second settlement time, comparatively faster than its competitors ethereum and bitcoin, whose times are two minutes and over an hour respectively. This has encouraged financial institutions such as Santander, UBS and uniCredit to adopt Ripple’s payment network over other cryptocurrencies. editor, Cameron Bowen, added:

Despite Ethereum taking second spot back from Ripple, we feel that Ripple will likely be one of two cryptocurrencies to de-throne bitcoin at the top of the market cap table. Should Coinbase launch Ripple, we believe a price of $10 is realistic initially, with $25 likely by the end of 2018.

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