iFunded launches real estate tokenization platform

iFunded launches real estate tokenization platform

iFunded, the digital investing platform, has announced the launch of a real estate tokenization platform named iEstate. It is the first global platform on the market to issue a security token based on real estate debt and will follow up with with an equity-based token.

iEstate uses blockchain to enhance the speed and timing of real estate transactions, and employs smart contracts for optimal transparency.

Blockchain improves the real estate market with real time updates and the allowance of near to real-time trading of ownership interests and significantly lower costs, as well as presenting the opportunity to users participating in the real estate market with increased trust between all parties.

iEstate tokenized real estate platform benefits include:

  • Accessibility: Tokenizing properties opens the market to investors of all levels who now benefit from a once-closed market with more cost-effective online processing
  • Market liquidity: Tokenizing real estate enables an automatic, 24/7 liquidity option without delay and with direct connections to secondary market leads
  • Automated Compliance (KYC/AML): Blockchain allows user identities to be stored and used across different services while remaining in complete control over their data
  • Interoperability: Tokenization and decentralization create a secure standard for information exchange between different systems and, in the future, exchange between tokenized assets.

iEstate is iFunded’s evolution into the blockchain space, allowing us to build the first official platform that tokenizes real estate debt and equity with a security token,” said Michael Stephan, CEO and Founder of iFunded. “Private and institutional investors playing the field of the real estate market will have the chance to finally experience a transaction platform that offers liquid investments in a normally illiquid asset class. The platform provides access to pre-vetted real estate projects and the tools investors need to engage in profitable business deals instantly.

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