Fusion announces the start of its ICO for a new public blockchain

Fusion, the Foundation providing an inclusive cryptofinance platform to solve the barriers hindering the widespread use of blockchain technology, announced today the start of its ICO for the FSN token.

Fusion’s public blockchain provides a solution for the interoperability, scalability and usability problems within the various blockchain ecosystems, and makes smart contracts actually smart by advancing or creating technologies, such as private key generation and signature, parallel computing of bookkeeping nodes’ grouping, PoW and PoS consensus. By creating an inclusive system that can connect a variety of tokens in a more efficient manner, Fusion can achieve complete financial functionalities that have not yet been explored using blockchain technology.

In the past, market developments have been centered around distributed markets and centralized organizations, filled with an inherent lack of trust between transacting parties, and an unfair distribution of wealth. However, the blockchain, because of its ability to connect people and markets, ushers us into a new financial age by introducing digitization, intelligence, decentralization, and inclusiveness to the world of the Internet of Values (IoV). The IoV, which is centered around developments in the blockchain space, is still in its very early stages, and because of that suffers from three main obstacles: interoperability, usability, and scalability. Whereas current blockchain projects have tried to overcome these barriers before, no good solution has emerged yet in the industry, until now.

The Fusion public blockchain advances the functionality of traditional finance and offers a suite of features using the FSN token. Unlike other multicoin wallets which are limited to trading between tokens based on the same technology, a crypto wallet based on FUSION will be able to store all different values of tokens. The platform also offers a multi currency risk-free loan system: using smart contracts, by which users can apply for a loan in one form of token, and pay it back with another.

Fusion has created a public chain as the first sustainable solution to the bottlenecks in the IoV, constructing a truly connected financial ecosystem. Fusion’s public blockchain is:

  • Inclusive – The public chain integrates the cryptocurrencies that exist today and even those that will come in the future, connecting centralized and decentralized organizations, while at the same time balancing authentication and anonymity.
  • Reconstructive – FUSION redefines the way in which values are transferred and the relationships between transacting parties, by supporting all types of financial services.
  • Highly scalable – By using a Turing-complete virtual machine and providing the Private Keys Control Service and the token-issuing protocol, it opens a window for society to realize cryptofinance across different blockchains and organizations, creating many possibilities that were previously unimaginable.

The inclusive finance platform empowers developers to create rich applications, connects organizations and data-sources, and updates cryptofinance protocols. Most importantly, Fusion improves the interoperability, scalability, and usability of the blockchain to realize an inclusive crypto-financial platform for the era of the Internet of Values.

We are entering an exciting new era of ‘Internet of Values’ which promises increased connectivity and inclusiveness,” said Dejun Qian, Founder of Fusion, “However, the benefits of the Internet of Values are currently thwarted by interoperability, scalability and usability issues within the various blockchain ecosystems, all of which combined have hindered this technological progress. Fusion aims to remove these barriers, ushering in an age of a true digital economy.

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