FashionTV launches a new blockchain app and FTV Coin Deluxe

FashionTV launches a new blockchain app and FTV Coin Deluxe

FashionTV, the international fashion and lifestyle broadcasting station, has announced its debut in the blockchain space.

FashionTV’s decentralized platform will empower up-and-coming models with new ways of breaking into the trade and will eliminate the need for intermediaries, such as talent agencies, that currently hold much of the industry’s power. FashionTV’s new FTV Coin Deluxe will also give affluent individuals in the community exclusive access to extravagant goods and services that suit their luxurious lifestyle through its marketplace.

For a model just starting out, breaking into the fashion business can be extremely difficult and exploitative. Talent agencies may not keep their contractual obligations or charge extremely high commission fees (usually 19% or higher), networking with the right people and finding sponsors is challenging, leaving a young model vulnerable to an aggressive industry.

FashionTV is vowing to help models and other industry newcomers break through these harsh barriers and empower them with new ways of monetization, while eliminating the need for intermediaries, such as talent agencies — all through blockchain technology. Utilizing smart contracts and the FTV Coin Deluxe, models will finally feel like they get a fair chance at making it big.

The technology behind the platform will ensure transparency in the industry, making sure that compensation for work reaches each model on time with minimum commissions and deductions. FashionTV’s platform will display a track record of contractual obligations from agencies and other employers, resulting in better work conditions. In addition to models, photographers, sponsors, designers, and the millions of others employed in the fashion industry will be able to make transactions using the FTV Coin Deluxe.

Using the F Wallet, models are able to:

  • Arm themselves with an electronic business card, FashionTV email address and QR code.
  • Compete with the best of the best in modeling competitions
  • Tighten up a highly involved community by directly interacting with sponsors
  • Cash in FTV tokens for luxury goods and services which are all purchasable in the exclusive FashionTV e-commerce marketplace

In addition to assisting models, FashionTV has been promoting luxury goods and services for over twenty years and definitely knows how to treat its community. From its luxury hardware wallet, members can securely store private keys for exchanging the FTV Coin Deluxe. Each coin gives members unprecedented access to:

  • Exclusive discounts and offers on luxurious cruises, exclusive entry to fashion shows and FashionTV parties, phones, yachts, watches, jewelry, high-end fashion brands and designers, cosmetics, lingerie, and high-end furniture, to name a few – through the FashionTV marketplace.
  • Access to vote on virtual and real model contests as well as a chance to sponsor models via the F wallet
  • A private concierge that will arrange for deductions on exclusive locations and stores and notify members of events including parties, red carpet events, fashion shows (including Victoria’s Secret shows), model contests, and more.

The crypto community is no longer only for geeky tech enthusiasts,” said Michel Lisowski, Founder and President of FashionTV. “It’s becoming mainstream, and coupled with our dominating presence in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, we are bringing extravagance and luxury to the blockchain. People love beautiful women, but even more so, they love beautiful opportunities. Cryptocurrency gave us the power to merge these together and offer a decentralized way to level the playing field in arguably one of the most competitive and crowded spaces in the world.”

Early pioneers of the new platform will be able to acquire the FTV Coin Deluxe during its current pre-sale which ends May 15, 2018. The official ICO for FashionTV will begin in May 2018.

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