Gate.IO rolls out new BTC/USD contract feature


Blockchain assets exchange platform Gate.IO has just announced that it has launched a new perpetual BTC/USD contract feature.

BTC/USD is going to be with optional leverage scalings from 1-100.

The feature also includes the following contracts:

  • ETH/USD,
  • EOS/USD,
  • XRP/USD,
  • BCH/USD,
  • BSV/USD,
  • LTC/USD,
  • TRX/USD,
  • ADA/USD,
  • XMR/USD, and
  • XLM/USD.

The current maximum principal for every investor is limited to 1 BTC, although this can be raised according to the market risk and rank of the investor in the future.

A week ago, Gate.IO has released its latest report, looking at the predictions on market fluctuation, caused by Ethereum Hard Fork.

Virgilio Lizardo, Vice President of International Affairs at Gate.IO commented on the launch:

We launched the BTC/USD contract feature to ensure we are providing continuous transparency for our users and to provide the best service to all traders.

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