KCG OTC volumes steady in March, Hotspot goes out on a high note

KCGTrading on OTC markets at KCG in March amounted to a daily average of 35,000, which appears to be on a par with February’s 36,000 average per day, however Hotspot FX volumes increased significantly during the month in which KCG sold its FX ECN to BATS Global Markets

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BATS Global Markets establishing FX matching engine in London

Hotspot, which was acquired by BATS on 13th March, will continue to operate its matching engine in the New York area. The London matching engine will target Europe and Asia and specific FX currencies that dominate the European and Asian trading hours

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Market making activity slips back down at KCG in February

A 5.52% decrease in market making activity in February for KCG, taking the daily average back down to the realms of the steady performance at the end of last year following January’s high, whilst OTC trading begins to make a slow recovery

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Analysis: What is the real cost? We have not seen the end yet

FXCM’s initial confirmation of negative client balances was $225 million, however it has now been revealed that it stands at $276 million. With a $51 million gulf, and only a handful of brokers having reported their negative equity exposure, what is the true cost? LeapRate takes a detailed look

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