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moex volumes report
November 20, 2019 BY Valentina Kirilova

$450 million compromise of Russian exchange linked to FSB by BBC

The current crypto trading environment is often compared to the “Wild, Wild West” conditions of the retail forex industry in the nineties. Regulatory oversight was nowhere to be seen, and fraud ran rampant, especially when dealing with overseas forex brokers. In the crypto-verse, however, unregulated exchanges have lost billions of dollars to professional hacking groups,…

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Whale concentrations in BTC and Tether raising manipulation concerns
February 07, 2019 BY Mariela Naydenova

Stealing electricity with crypto mining

Crimes related to cryptocurrency mining never stop. Cryptocurrency mining has allowed plenty of criminals to "showcase" their "power" all over the world. The latest arrest, however, comes from Germany. In the city of Klingenthal, Saxony, a group of suspects was arrested by the police, as reported by Cointelegraph auf Deutsch. The suspects have reportedly operated a cryptocurrency…

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