TradingView upgrades notification system

Financial visualization platform TradingView today announces that it has upgraded its notification system.

After the upgrade, there are two icons on the right panel:

  • Ideas Stream;
  • Notifications.

All updates related to ideas and people that a user follows are shown in Ideas Stream, while all likes and comments for one’s ideas and new followers are displayed in Notifications.

Users can set all notifications to appear on the right side of their computers’ desktop. It means traders can receive notifications, even if they are not on TradingView page. However, they have to keep a tab with TradingView in background in their browser.

ideas_streamThe same desktop notifications will let traders know about a newly published idea or a comment, while they are on another tab.

In addition, desktop notifications became available for chart alerts.

If traders configure an alert to show popup or/and play sound in its settings, they will get a desktop notification when this alert triggers.


Last but not least, TradingView optimized user profile settings by moving chat notification settings from that page into chats on the right panel.

The full announcement on the notification system upgrade is available here.

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