Thomson Reuters FX platform registers 166% jump in options trading volumes in 2015

Thomson Reuters Corp (NYSE:TRI) has witnessed increased adoption of electronic Forex options last year, with Thomson Reuters FX dealer-to-client venue registering a 166% year-on-year jump in options trading volumes in 2015.

The fourth quarter of 2015 marked record-high monthly, weekly and daily volumes with more than 36 global and local active options price-makers and over 225 active options price-takers now on Thomson Reuters FX platform.

Thomson Reuters FX Trading provides both relationship trading (bank-to-client) and bi-lateral trading (interbank) for vanilla and exotic FX options.

In recent months the company has introduced electronic FX options callouts to streamline how banks can access options liquidity in the interbank market. By providing one single point of access to options liquidity via electronic callouts or via Thomson Reuters FXall dealer-to-client request-for-quote service, FX Trading helps market participants to efficiently manage their trading risk.

“Due to their inherent complexity, FX options have been the last FX instrument to move from OTC markets to electronic platforms, but best execution requirements are seeing options volumes and participants on our platforms really flourish,” said Phil Weisberg. “We are finding that in today’s highly fragmented and increasingly scrutinized FX market, price-takers – buy-side firms and smaller banks – want to use platforms that offer optimal transparency and help them prove effectiveness of execution whether it is mandated or not. They also want the efficiency and flexibility that comes with the feature-rich workflow tools that electronic platforms can provide.”

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