Spain’s CNMV issues warnings against three Forex, binary options brokers

It has been about a week since Spain’s financial markets watchdog CNMV warned against FXMarker and Imperial Options, and the Spanish regulator has just updated its list of unauthorized investment companies, this time adding three more binary options and Forex services providers that do not have the authorization to target Spanish investors but nevertheless do so.

The latest additions to the warning list include one Forex broker – Financika, and two binary options brokers – Safeklik and BK Trading.

Financika offers Forex services via The company provides addresses in Bulgaria and Vanuatu.

Safeklik offers its binary options services via and provides an address in the United Kingdom.

BK Trading offers its binary options services via It does not state any physical address of the company itself and instead offers only an address for its processing provider.

CNMV notes that none of these companies is authorized to offer investment services in Spain or to Spanish residents.

For the full list of non-authorized investment companies in Spain, click here.

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