SafeCharge grants more than 500,000 zero cost options to senior management

Payments services and technologies provider SafeCharge International Group Ltd (LON:SCH) has announced that on 2 November 2016 the Company’s executive directors were granted nil cost option awards over ordinary shares of US$0.0001 value under the SafeCharge Long Term Incentive Plan 2016 as noted below:

Executive Directors

Number of  Shares under Award

David Avgi


Tim Mickley


Yuval Ziv


Subject to the terms of the SafeCharge Long Term Incentive Plan, the awards granted will ordinarily vest and become exercisable from 1 March 2019, subject to the grantee’s continued service and to the extent to which Adjusted EBITDA performance criteria are met over a measurement period comprising three financial years of SafeCharge’s commencing with the current financial year.


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