Questrade partners with equity analysis engine WooTrader

Shortly after Canadian provider of online trading and investment services Questrade announced its partnership with MotiveWave, the broker unveils a new addition to its partner centre.

The latest addition is WooTrader, an online, equity analysis engine aimed at accelerating the stock-picking process. It automatically scans over 4,000 stocks every day, with 373 different stock screens. Using technical and fundamental criteria, it captures varying factors that influence the price and performance of a given stock.

After scanning stocks, WooTrader measures the results against the markets that day. It then displays industry rankings and individual criteria for each stock so that traders can obtain a quick view of the stocks that stand out and why.

WooTrader’s API integration with Questrade makes it simple to synch one’s Questrade trading account with their web-based, stock-picking tool. The integration works with live and practice accounts so traders can test WooTrader before risking any actual money.

For the full announcement on the collaboration, click here.

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