Osaka Exchange celebrates 10th Anniversary of Nikkei 225 Mini

Osaka Exchange, Inc. (OSE) is celebrating 10th anniversary of Nikkei 225 mini which arrives on July 18th, 2016.

After its launch in 2006, Nikkei 225 mini grew up to one of the leading derivative products worldwide (world’s third most traded equity index future product (FIA volume ranking, 2016 1Q), with its popularity among both domestic and foreign institutions and also retail investors as an efficient and accessible tool for risk hedging.

OSE Nikkei 225 mini volume

Besides, its trading during the night session, which reflects real time trends such as of US/European markets or foreign exchanges, is expanding year by year, providing trading opportunities of Japanese equities exposure in its night time-zone.

Hiromi Yamaji, Osaka Exchange

Hiromi Yamaji, Osaka Exchange

Hiromi Yamaji, Osaka Exchange President & CEO commented:

It is a great pleasure for us to celebrate OSE’s leading product “Nikkei 225 mini” marked its 10th anniversary. I would like to thank everyone’s support and cooperation for this success.
Following the initiative plans along with the launch of the Next J-GATE on July 19th such as expansion of trading hours, OSE will continue to further develop its product-line and services to satisfy the market’s needs.”




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