MetaQuotes releases upgrade to MT4: Build 840

MetaQuotes, the software developer that gave the Forex community solutions such as MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5), has announced the release of new build of its most popular trading platform – MT4.

The latest upgrade – Build 840, introduces a range of fixes and improvements, including ones concerning graphical objects and several Market functions.

Starting with the changes related to graphical objects, let’s note two of them:

  • The maximum size of custom tooltips for graphical objects is increased to 128 symbols. The tooltips are set using the OBJPROP_TOOLTIP property.
  • Fixed display of the channel graphical objects when the Ray property is enabled – endless channel continuation to the right.

Market enhancements:

  • Enhanced logging when purchasing products. This fix facilitates looking for solutions when dealing with user issues.
  • Fixed product rent renewal errors.

Let’s mention that the MetaQuotes team has been focusing the latest MT4 updates on the Market. You may recall that a series of enhancements in this respect were introduced in Build 825 for MT4, as well as in Build 1150 for MT5.

The latest build for MT4 comes along with a series of improvements to MQL4 too. For instance, the upgrade fixes a MQL4 application download when non-Latin (e.g., Chinese or Japanese) characters are used in a path name.


To view the full range of enhancements in the new Build 840, you can read the official announcement by MetaQuotes by clicking here.

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MetaQuotes releases upgrade to MT4: Build 840

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