Match-Trade Technologies launches ugraded white label solution

Californian FX proprietary trading technology provider Match-Trade Technologies LLC has announced that an enhanced and superior version of its Match-Trade MT4 white label solution is now being offered to Match-Trade’s existing and potential clients.

The upgraded system includes all of the components which the firm considers are necessary to cost effectively start or expand a retail forex brokerage with seamless A/B-book execution for over 500 instruments, integrated Match-Trade liquidity with free MetaTrader 4 bridge, extensive risk management options, superior IT hosting, dedicated 24/6 Technical Support, complete front-end and back-office solution, for a simple flat fee with no turnover or volume based fees.

Match-Trade MT4 white label solution has, according to the company, significantly reduced and in many cases eliminated volume based costs for forex brokers by providing in house developed technology that works seamlessly within Match-Trade MT4 environment and can easily be connected and integrated to external FIX compliant liquidity providers and other forex market participants. Among Match-Trade’s list of services included in the white label solution are:

  • Technology – Hosting – Administration include MT4 Server hosting, MT4 system maintenance, access to multiple price feeds (Forex, CFDs, Equity CFDs), Ultra-fast and reliable executor, which assures the finest execution and eliminates cheaters, multiple liquidity providers integration, 24/6 dedicated support and advisory – for a low flat fee and $0 turnover fees.
  • Match-Trade MT4 – FIX Bridge with aggregator, which assures extensive risk management options with smart order routing (aggregation of multiple LPs) – $0 bridge cost if forex broker is integrated to Match-Trade liquidity
  • Front-End and Back-Office solution includes web development, trader’s room, full IB functionality, MAM/PAMM solution, forex management consultancy – for a low flat fee with $0 turnover or volume based fees.
  • Solution for all Forex Business Models include processing of all A-Book (Agency) with possibility to integrate various liquidity providers and B-Book (Principal) transactions with smart risk managed execution via free MT4 bridge
  • Ultra-competitive Trading Cost with institutional spreads, high speed – no last look execution, trading anonymity, and full-trade transparency. Forex Brokers are able to reduce spreads for their clients without incurring additional costs as they can connect to all FIX compliant market participants in the Match-Trade aggregation system.
  • Quick and Simple Set-Up of all components of the white label system within seven business days so that forex brokers are in complete control of all aspects of their business. No server side plugins required, even simple White Labels can use Match-Trade’s free MT4 bridge without MT4 Admin access. Match-Trade clients experience seamless connectivity to Match-Trade liquidity.


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