Leverate announces partnership with Cellxpert at inaugural Operator Open House

Leverate, the leading provider of Forex platform technology, has chosen the Cellxpert solutions team to provide premium replication-based affiliate integration for their Forex brokers. This partnership simplifies affiliate network management via streamlined campaign tracking and payment capabilities.

LXCRM Product Manager Erez Shilon commented: “Several of our clients already worked with Cellxpert, due to their reputation as the forerunner in affiliate management for the financial services industry.”

cellxpertAffiliates also know well the benefits of working with Cellxpert. “Success in the Forex and Binary verticals relies substantially on affiliate trust” said Assaf Dor, Cellxpert’s CEO “We invested in creating a solid integration structure that will allow Leverate’s clients to enjoy our extensive feature set. This will provide them with a strong advantage in this competitive market”

The pre-established broker affinity for Cellxpert was amid the factors that made Leverate chose their inaugural Operator Open House to announce the new partnership. Top brokers took part in an invitation-only seminar in Leverate’s offices, featuring presentations by the Product Management and Customer Relations teams on how to operate a successful Forex business.

“We decided that a more informal environment leads to better dialogue,” said Mariano Obludzyner, Leverate’s Head of Customer Relations. “We gathered together a select group of brokers and covered everything from trading platforms to best practices. Product Managers and Account Managers were also on hand as part of an effort to encourage strong relationships between our clients and our staff.”

The Open House also saw Leverate introduce its new Professional Services department. This team will act as a holistic resource for Forex brokers, helping with marketing and sales, advanced training, and risk management. Mariano Obludzyner confirmed that the support offered by the program would give participating brokers a crucial edge in a competitive market.

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