LCH.Clearnet to clear listed securities on Oslo Børs

Scandinavian executing venue continues its global reach as it initiates clearing of listed securities following last week’s drive toward on-exchange FX

Just a matter of days subsequent to Scandinavian executing venue Oslo Børs having indicated its intention to provide a facility for on-exchange FX trading, LCH.Clearnet has today announced that the global clearing house is now clearing listed securities on Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess.

Through its EquityClear service, LCH.Clearnet now provides clearing for equities, including ETFs, listed on Oslo Børs and Oslo Axess on an interoperable basis with incumbent clearing house, Oslo Clearing.

Alberto Pravettoni, Global Head of Repo and Exchanges at LCH.Clearnet said: “This agreement with Oslo Børs is another example of our long-standing commitment to interoperability across the European equities market. Clearing members will benefit from margin off-sets, reduced settlement cost through cross exchange netting and access to our first class risk management and highly competitive pricing structure.”

Tom Kristoffersen, Senior Vice President, Client Relations Secondary Market at Oslo Børs said: “Oslo Børs recognises that many market participants want to see consolidation in European equities clearing and be able to choose the clearing house that best meets their requirements. We are delighted that LCH.Clearnet and Oslo Clearing will be working together for the benefit of our customers.”

When considering the increasingly stringent regulatory stipulations faced by many OTC derivatives participants, this particular Norwegian venue could be well positioned to gain a global audience via its adoption of such services from international firms of provenance.

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