KCG Hotspot reports 20% MoM increase in August FX volume to $28.9 billion ADV

August trading is done and in the books for KCG Holdings (NYSE: KCG), which brings us to volumes. KCG Hotspot is reporting totals of $28.9B ADV, this is a 20% gain over July’s $23.9 ADV; and eerily close to August 2013’s $28B, but an increase nonetheless of 3.2% YoY. Together, August was a great month for KCG to beat both MoM and YoY volume totals.

It is also worth mentioning from the August volume report that this was Hotspot’s best month since March (view the chart below). This may portend that August was a better month generally for FX trading volumes given the dive of the EUR/USD to one-year lows and bullish sentiment of USD overall. Stay tuned to LeapRate as always in September to get the latest volume reports from the FX industry all across-the-globe.



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