KCG completes consolidation of Knight Capital and GETCO into KCG Americas

KCG’s broker-dealer sub joins KCG Hotspot (formerly Hotspot FX) under the KCG brand

The independent securities company KCG has announced in a press release today that it successfully completed the consolidation of both of its US broker-dealer operations Knight Capital Americas LLC and GETCO into a single entity named KCG Americas LLC (KCA). The company has concluded the merger in an effort to simplify its broker-dealer subsidiary structure.

In addition the press release on KCG’s website is reporting that the cost synergies resulting from the move will optimize further operations as additional capital is released. This concludes a series of consolidations with GETCO Execution Services blending with GETCO Securities into KCA first and the follow up between OCTEG and KCA forming together KCG Americas.

The newly formed firm KCG Americas is regulated under the SEC as a broker-dealer and is a registered futures merchant with the CFTC. The firm is a member of virtually all major US exchanges for stocks, futures and options and of FINRA and SIPC.

For the full press release visit KCG’s website.  

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