Japanese broker FXTF to cut leverage for corporate accounts

Japanese Forex broker FX Trade Financial Co., Ltd. (FXTF) is planning to change trading conditions for holders of corporate accounts, with the changes to affect maximum leverage.

The company has informed its clients of changes to customer agreements, with clients asked to accept these before November 1, 2015. Amid the changes is a planned cut to maximum leverage for Forex trading for owners of corporate (institutional accounts).

Under the current conditions, owners of corporate accounts enjoy a maximum leverage of up to 200x with the broker. After the changes the maximum leverage will be reduced to 50x. The restrictions will apply to all Forex trading instruments available to trade with the broker.

The changes will not affect owners of individual accounts.

The announcement from FXTF comes shortly after another Japanese FX broker – Yahoo’s YJFX, also unveiled plans to axe leverage on corporate accounts.

To view a comparison between the old and the new trading conditions at FXTF, click here.

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