ICAP adds price displays for CHF single currency swaps to 2006 ISDA definitions

ICAP plc (LON:IAP) has today announced that its Global Broking price displays for Swiss Franc (CHF) interest rate swaps, CHF single currency basis swaps and EONIA versus EURIBOR (EUR/EUR) basis swaps have been added to Supplement No.46 of the 2006 ISDA Definitions.

The 2006 ISDA Definitions are used in confirmations of individual transactions governed by agreements such as the 1992 ISDA Master Agreement and the 2002 ISDA Master Agreement published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc., which many parties use for their currency derivative agreements and transactions. The displays listed above, provide an indication of where the market is at any given point in time and are used by traders, compliance professionals, risk managers and investment professionals to identify where derivatives instruments may be priced.

The addition of ICAP’s three extra displays complements the company’s existing 29 ISDA ratified displays and supports ICAP’s status as an established reference source.

Frits Vogels, Head of EMEA, Global Broking, ICAP, said: “The 2006 ISDA definitions are regarded as the primary source of third party reference data for the derivatives market. With a robust and compliant framework in place, we’re pleased to provide our market leading IRS data to the market. It will give market participants an insight into accurate trading flow and prices to inform their decision making and risk profile.”

For the official announcement from ICAP, click here.

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ICAP adds price displays for CHF single currency swaps to 2006 ISDA definitions


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