GMO Click’s February numbers confirm FX volumes trend in Japan – down by 13%

January’s sharp increase is partially reversed, still much higher than Q4 2013 monthly average

GMO Click has just reported its monthly volumes numbers for the month of February and just as Monex Group, their business has turned lower in the second month of the year. The figures have been reported at ¥73 trillion ($714 billion), which is lower by 13% on last month’s figures. Our story about lower foreign currency risk appetite by Japanese retail traders is confirmed with these numbers.

GMO Click feb 2014

On a positive note figures are only 8% lower than last year’s – considering the Japanese yen trading implosion at the time, today’s figures are not looking that grim. For now the year appears to be starting on quite a positive note for this heavyweight Japanese broker. The main theme here is that while we did see a substantial drop, it is nowhere close to the anemic figures we have seen in the last quarter of 2013.

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