FXCM UK amends client agreements to waive first $50,000 of negative client balances

Forex Capital Markets Limited (FXCM UK), a subsidiary of FXCM Inc (NYSE:FXCM) today announced that it will be updating its Negative Balance Policy for new and existing clients in the near future.

Existing clients should expect to receive more details about the updated policy in the coming weeks, which will include changes to the company’s master trading agreement and notice of when such changes are to take effect. New clients should be sure to carefully review the terms of any trading agreement proposed during the account opening process to determine the appropriate policy then available.

The changes to the Negative Balance Policy will include the following, subject always to the terms and conditions provided in the client’s master trading agreement:

FXCM Updates Provision in Master Trading Agreement

Clients subject to the Negative Balance Policy who incur negative balances in excess of US $50,000 (determined by aggregating all of the client’s negative balances across all accounts held by FXCM and any of its affiliates, incurred over a 24 hour period of time) will be responsible for and owe FXCM the value of the total negative balance above US $50,000, regardless of market conditions.

Subject to certain exceptions, FXCM will waive the first US $50,000 of a client’s total negative balance (determined by aggregating all of the client’s negative balances across all accounts held by the FXCM group, incurred over a 24 hour period of time). This policy will apply to negative balances incurred during all market conditions, including exceptional market movements.

Specific Exceptions

Each client’s master trading agreement will detail all of the specific exceptions to the Negative Balance Policy. Some of the key exceptions to this policy include the following: negative balances incurred by legal entities, omnibus relationships, white label relationships, Eligible Contract Participants, Eligible Counterparties and/or Professional Clients (as defined in the client’s master trading agreement) and/or negative balances incurred on share CFD positions or products traded on an exchange.

FXCM is a global foreign exchange broker regulated in multiple jurisdictions. Regulated entities may require different notice periods for changes to the master trading agreement. As such, the effective date of the revised Negative Balance Policy will vary by jurisdiction in which an account is held.

Clients will be notified accordingly. The revised Negative Balance Policy will only apply after the effective date and will not apply to negative balances incurred before such date. This release contains general statements regarding FXCM’s planned revisions to its Negative Balance Policy, is for informational purposes only, and should not be considered to form part of any client’s agreement with FXCM.

The firm has stated that in order to learn more about FXCM’s anticipated changes to its Negative Balance Policy, interested parties should read the associated FAQ, and that for more information, an FXCM specialist can be contacted at info@fxcm.co.uk call +1-212-897-7660.

The official announcement from FXCM, along with a link to the FAQ, can be read by clicking here.

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FXCM UK amends client agreements to waive first $50,000 of negative client balances


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