Former Leverate executive joins Sunbird FX to develop white label network

Former Leverate executive Gabriel Weinstein has joined retail FX brokerage Sunbird FX as White Label Manager.

Mr. Weinstein joined Sunbird FX this month, charged with the responsibility of enhancing the company’s brand, and developing future affiliates, an aspect which Sunbird FX has concentrated on since its establishment, and that Leverate has taken a very keen commercial interest in recently.

During his tenure at Leverate, Mr. Weinstein was in charge of more than 30 brokers, both established and newly formed.

Additionally, his specialties included guiding brokerages on the technology side of the business and also with regard to third party companies, website creation, risk management, financial assessments and banking solutions (including PSP) in order to form a Forex company in the shortest time possible.

Mr. Weinstein spoke to LeapRate today regarding his appointment: “Sunbird FX recognized my skills in those fields and after a warm recommendation from the CEO of Leverate, Ran Strauss, I have joined the team here. My role as a White Label Manager will include promoting and establishment of new labels and affiliates under SunbirdFX`s wing. My remit will also involve assisting in the internal development of the firm on all aspects to become a major Forex leader in the coming future.”

“The company expects to branch out into new geographical regions by the end of 2014 and grow substantially within several months time” Mr. Weinstein concluded.

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