Forex Scam Watch – Canada's OSC warns against Prosper Trade FX

The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has just updated its Warning List, which contains the names of individuals and companies which are engaging in activities that may pose a risk to investors.

osc-logoThe latest addition to the Warning List is Prosper Trade FX, operating from According to the OSC, Prosper Trade FX is not registered in Ontario, Canada to engage in the business of trading in securities or advising anyone with respect to investing in, buying or selling securities.

Prosper Trade FX claims to be located at offices in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. While its home page (as per the screenshot above) has a ‘We Apologize  for the Inconvenience – We’ll be back Soon‘ sign, some live subpages seem to imply that the company is an introducer to Australian broker Pepperstone.

Information on ICAAN’s WHOIS service indicates that the domain is fairly new, having been created in September 2015.

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