cTrader and cAlgo evolve with cloud hosted trading accounts and enhanced ergonomics

Spotware Systems has announced a series of upgrades to its cTrader and cAlgo platforms in the form of three user interface enhancements, and a cloud hosting option for trading accounts.

Trading accounts are now automatically stored in the cloud, therefore after logging into the cTrader ID there is need to remember account numbers or passwords anymore. A cloud icon indicates cloud-stored accounts.


With regard to the user interface on the trading platforms, Spotware Systems has now added a Lots/Units Switch, which allows traders to select if they want to trade using lots or units for each symbol.

A new feature designated Chart Background Image has been added, where the cTrader ID now signs the user into all Spotware products running on a specific device, whilst the Color Picker feature enables the cTrader ID to sign the user into all Spotware products running on that machine.

The Single Sign On feature ensures that cTrader ID now signs the user into all Spotware products running on a specific device.


In terms of viewing market prices, Spotware Systems has upgraded the means by which it displays this with three symbol states in its MarketWatch function, depicting a new state when the symbol is expanded and a ‘depth of market is hidden’ feature has been added.

Finally, users can now drag and drop pending order handles located below the chart’s QuickTrade buttons, into the chart to create pending orders.

LeapRate spoke to James Glyde, Business Development Manager at Spotware Systems, to gain perspective on the importance of keeping pace with technological change in the increasingly competitive platform development industry sector. “Our recently announced updates which can be found throughout our suite of platforms is another key milestone in the devotion we have to our brokers and more importantly their traders who are the ones truly benefiting from our persistent hard work” he explained.

Mr. Glyde continued “These updates not only add value but are essential requirements for our traders, their strategies and style of trading, in particular the ability to trade using lots, units or switch between the two on the fly and allow the interface to reconfigure in an instant.”

“The Single Sign On and and Cloud Accounts functionalities, though incredibly useful to some traders are more of a necessity to those with multiple strategies using different account properties and all of Spotware’s trading platforms, this is only the beginning of what traders will be able to leverage using Spotware’s cTrader ID and Cloud Services” concluded Mr. Glyde, who advised that in the very near future, Spotware will be announcing further interesting developments.

For the official announcement from Spotware Systems on the new functions, click here.

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