CBOE, Bloomberg partner to establish direct connectivity between PULSe and EMSX

Chicago Board Options Exchange, part of CBOE Holdings, Inc (NASDAQ:CBOE), on Monday announced a partnership with Bloomberg.

The aim of the collaboration is to establish direct connectivity between CBOE’s PULSe trader workstation (PULSe) and Bloomberg’s Execution Management System (EMSX).

The linkage between CBOE and Bloomberg bolsters access to the PULSe trader workstation, enabling Bloomberg EMSX users to send, execute and confirm orders electronically with CBOE floor brokers and other PULSe users.

CBOE’s PULSe trader workstation is an execution management system allowing traders to simultaneously and electronically access the markets via Direct Market Access (DMA), advanced routing and high-touch broker relationships. The PULSe Execution Management System (EMS) offers connectivity to CBOE, C2 Options Exchange (C2) and CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE), as well as other equity and options exchanges in one platform.

Bloomberg’s EMSX is a broker-neutral trading tool that enables users to route orders seamlessly to more than 6,000 broker-dealer destinations, including algorithmic suites. EMSX integrates news, indications of interest and real-time market and portfolio analytics into a customizable workspace so that users can monitor execution quality and improve trading decisions and performance from pre-trade through post-trade.

Andy Lowenthal, CBOE Senior Vice President of Business Development, comments,

“We are pleased to join with Bloomberg to establish direct connectivity between EMSX and our PULSe trader workstation. More than 17,000 EMSX users will now have the ability to electronically link directly to the CBOE PULSe community, creating greater efficiency in trade execution and compliance management. Additionally, EMSX users will be able to electronically access the excellent open-outcry liquidity in CBOE’s SPX and VIX options.”

You can view the full announcement on the collaboration by clicking here.

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