BitPay partners with Glidera to offer users of Copay in US to buy/sell Bitcoin

Bitcoin technology and payment processing company BitPay has teamed up with Bitcoin exchange Glidera to enable users of its open source Bitcoin wallet Copay in a number of US states to buy or sell Bitcoin.

The functionality, still in beta, is available in the newest version (1.3.1) of Copay.

glidera_insideUsers to be able to use Glidera have to live in one of the following states: (buy and sell) CA, GA, IL, KS, MA, MD, MO, MT, MN, SC, TX; (buy only) AZ, CO, DE, ME, NJ, PA, TN, UT.

In addition, the latest version of Copay offers users to sweep paper wallet funds. In case they store private keys and funds with any standard or BIP 38 encrypted paper wallets, they can now sweep them directly into a Copay wallet.

Copay 1.3.1 also offers iPhone owners to use TouchID in place of a password to sign off on every transaction they make in Copay.

Copay was first released about six months ago. The previous update Leaprate reported about has enhanced Copay’s compatibility with other wallets. Personal Wallets (1-of-1) became seed compatible with all BIP44 wallets. Copay Version 1.2.5 also included an integration with Ledger’s Hardware Wallet.

To view the latest announcement from BitPay, click here.

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