Archer Consultants announces a special migration offer to Boston Prime clients

Forex technology solutions provider Archer Consultants has announced that is ready to onboard Boston Prime’s brokers seamlessly while expanding on the service and solutions that the existing brokers previously had to offer.

Commenting on the migration offer and on the solution of services offered by Archer Consultants, Lior Shmuely CEO of Archer Consultants announced. “Archer Consultants is prime to provide a full turn-key solution with uncompromising service and quality to migrating brokers of Boston Prime”.

“We at Archer Consultants realize the importance Of a transition with minimum fuss, but also in a very timely matter. The migration offered by Archer Consultants is a two-fold solution and would be done in complete harmony and understanding with the Broker itself” he continued.

Mr. Shmuely has confirmed that the two-phase transition would be launched on a single weekend. The first would be a transition of all MT4 (MetaTrader 4) accounts over to the new server, this transition would also allow end users and traders with a wide range of trading symbols and capabilities, the broker would be able to offer its clients Fixed spreads, Variable spreads or ECN accounts.

Archer Consultants states that a broker utilizing this service would also be able to run a dedicated A Book (STP with leading Prime of Prime liquidity providers in both Forex and CFD’s) and or run a B Book according to the brokers risk management policies. The unique STP solution offered by Archer Consultants provides the broker with direct access to the Prime of Prime liquidity provider including the username and password to the Gui account with the liquidity provider itself.

The second phase of the transfer would be to integrate the Broker’s existing website into the Archer Consultants CRM and Payment gateways. The new integration will allow the brokers to offer their end users an advanced and user-friendly “My Account” login within their existing websites. The end user will be able to view all of his open, closed and pending orders, upload documents for compliance purposes, see statements, make online deposits and withdrawals and more directly from the brokers’ website.


Mr. Shmuely stated that brokers taking up the service would also benefit from the best CRM solution on the market designed specifically for the Forex and CFD broker for optimal conversion and retention of clients. The Archer Consultants CRM is proud to be able to provide advanced priority rules for leads, lead allocation rules, campaign management, VOIP connectivity, Affiliate platform connectivity, Mass Mailing capabilities and more.

“We understand the plight that the current brokers are in, and we are dedicated to provide the solution that would not only migrate the brokers speedily and as painlessly as possible but also advance the brokers offering not only to its clients but to its sales, marketing, dealing and management staff and I have made myself personally available to the brokers themselves for free consulting in how to migrate their brokerage successfully” concluded Mr. Shmuely.

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